Kannada Tv Serial Preetiyinda

Preethindha Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Preethiyinda is a drama series that got aired on the Suvarna TV channel. It is a Kannada language show which got broadcasted every weekday from Monday to Friday. It premiered on Indian television screens on 13th March 2011. The story revolves around two sisters who have different skin complexions. This is their saga and what different kind of challenges they come across. The show takes a hard look at the kind of stereotypes which perpetuate in our society and the attitude which many of us carry even today in the modern era. The plot looks at numerous issues associated with how we revere skin color and the inherent racism which emerges from therein. Preetiyinda begins with the tale of two loving sisters, Pachche, and Neela. They both care for and look out for one another. They are each other’s support and strength.

Amongst them, Neela was born with a dark skinned complexion whereas Pachche was born with a fair-skinned complexion. This seemingly small point which was under neither of their control goes on to dictate their future. The skin color goes on to define the very course their life extends upon as well as the kind of relationships which they embark upon. They come across challenges again and again which drags their complexion into the forefront and highlights the hypocrisy we live with every day. The series brings out one of society’s biggest black spots that our country has not been able to eradicate even today in spite of our numerous advances and growth. It shows how people’s judgments and prejudices get influenced on the basis of the color of one’s skin.

Even within their own family, this distinction comes out loud and strong. As a child, Pachche used to garner everyone’s attention in the family and the society around her. Neela, on the other hand, is outright ignored and sidelinedmany times. This difference in attitude continues to stem purely owing to the difference in their skin tones and Pachche’s perceived fairness. The bond amidst both the sisters is unmistakable and they routinely make sacrifices for one another and to make sure that the other receives a better life. They both can go to any extent for one another. This gets highlighted the most when Pachche agrees to get married to a man called Amay, who is mentally challenged. But she lays out the condition in front of her mother-in-law that her second son must get married to Neela. She got forced to take this drastic step since her sister was unable to get any decent proposal for marriage owing to her skin color.