Kannada Tv Serial Panduranga Vittala

Panduranga Vittala Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Panduranga Vittala is being telecast on Zee Kannada TV at 10 pm from Monday to Friday.This is a comedy serial being telecast everyday,to amuse the viewers. It is a good effort by the producers, directors and actors to put up a healthy comedy show which relates to the daily problems of a middle-class family in India.

The story is of a family called the Gandugali family, headed by Rangamma Gandugali. She has a son, Panduranga and he has a wife, Jaaji. Rangamma’s daughter is Pallavi, who is a very innocent girl and very much in love with her husband. The story revolves around this family. How everyday common problems of life have a test on these, how they come out of these problems successfully, how they prove their love towards each other and other family members, is the main base of this comedy serial.

Panduranga lives with his wife, his mother, his sister and brother in law, Panduranga is a common middle-class man, who relates with the viewers. His wife, Jaaji, being elder than her husband, has a complex about it. She tries her best to keep her husband attracted towards her. Her innocence keeps the viewers captivated. Vittala is known as the ‘unlucky Vittala’ because of his ability to fall into problems and hence bring that problem till home and make everyone else also fall into those problems.

His wife the innocent Pallavi, loves her husband so much that she is not ready to hear anything wrong about him and wants every member of the family to respect him as she does. Gunda, Rangamma’s husband’s sister’s son, also lives with this family. He creates problems for this family because of his habit of constant eating, but still is the loved one. The most interesting character of this serial is Champakali, the servant of Gandugali family. She considers herself to be the member of this family and so considers it as her right to flirt with Panduranga.

The family portray for the viewers some incidents of our daily life, which, otherwise, we may consider as serious, in a comic way. For example, when a thief comes into the Gandugali house, posing as a relative, he thinks he can fool this innocent family and take all their valuables. But he is proved wrong by the members because they not only show bravery but also show smartness and help the police by catching the thief. Another example is when an unknown man comes and tells that he only wants to stay overnight.

Then he leaves a bag filled with jewellery in their house. Saying a night he stays for more days as he wants to rob this family also. But Champakali, smartly switches the bag of gold with artificial jewellery and hence makes the robber to come back again to their house. In the meanwhile, she informs the police and they catch the robber.

In this way this way the serial is not only a family entertainer but also shows us how to deal our stressful life lightly.