Kannada Tv Serial Pancharangi Pom Pom

Pancharangi Pom Pom Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Pancharangi Pom Pom is a Kannada serial which was launched in 2012 and is still ongoing. They recently completed 500 episodes, which is just a number to quantify the immense amount of success and fan following this serial has come to achieve.

The serial is of the comedy genre and follows the life of four families. The plot is simple, the four families stay together in the same society or complex. All four families have the same land-lord and they all keep clashing with each other. The continuous clashes between all the families and the land-lord make a lot of plot lines and there is an immense amount of situational comedy.

The serial boasts a huge star cast with each actor giving really convincing performances as, it is said comedy is the most difficult role to portray convincingly. Mangalooru Meenanaatha seems to be the audience favorite for his catchphrase and entertaining character lines.

The actors on the sets of Pancharangi Pom Pom make it seem easy with their flawless performances. That would also help explain the fan following the show has, with people from all aspects of lives and all age groups coming to enjoy this family program.

The show being of the comedy genre acts as a great stress buster. The timing of the show was 10:30 pm at night, giving working people the opportunity to come home and relax to some light hearted comedy.

Every episode follows multiple plot lines simultaneously and tells the story from the point of view of various different characters. The characters are all very eccentric and their interactions make for excellent comedy settings.

The show has been directed by Prithvi Kulkarni. He is a very well-known name in the comedy circles and has been giving the Kannada audiences something to laugh about for many years. With Pancharangi Pom Pom he has officially established himself as a name in every household.