Kannada Tv Serial Paaru


Paaru is a daily soap opera that airs on Zee Kannada. It is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm (IST) in the evening. The serial is based around the fictional story of class conflict that exists in the society. It is directed jointly by Dileep Raj and Srividya Raj. The serial had completed over 400 episodes as of now.

In this serial, a poor girl falls in love with a rich boy and faces many struggles to prove her love in a family that follows values inspired by class conflicts. Paaru, the poor girl, is born and brought up in a village. She is a very fierce and independent girl. She feels that everyone has the freedom to live their lives as they want. On the other hand, Akhilandeshwari is a businesswoman with a strong and strict character. She lives in a big palace, and everything happens as per her instructions. Her elder son Aditya is the head of Aditya Group of Companies. Aditya has helped expand Akhilandeshwari’s empire and is a big business tycoon. After growing up, Paaru goes to the city to live under Akhilandeshwari’s authority and work as a cook in her palace. Both the different personalities have a lot of clashes between them.

Akhilandeshwari is amazed by Paaru’s virtues and character. As the story progresses, Paaru falls in love with Aditya. Akhilandeshwari cannot accept her son marrying a poor girl. She always dreamed of marrying Aditya to a rich and pretty girl. Akhilandeshwari tries all sorts of tactics to set the couple apart. However, Paaru is adamant and won’t give up. She fights back, Akhilandeshwari every time and is willing to prove her love for Aditya at any cost. The serial is full of many twists and turns.

Paaru’s role is played by the actress Mokshihta Pai. She has performed very well as Paaru, and the viewers love her bold and sweet personality. Ace actress Vinaya Prasad plays Akhilandeshwari’s role. She is very well-known in the South Indian entertainment industry and has worked in several films and TV series. Aditya’s role is played by Sharath Bharadwaj. Apart from these lead roles, Sid Moolimani, Rohini Krishna, Mansi Joshi, and Sambhaawi Venkatesh are also in the cast of this serial.