Kannada Tv Serial Nithyotsava

Nithyotsava Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Nithyotsav is a Kannada television serial which aired on zee Telugu. It was a very sweet and nice drama serial whose main focus was on a love story of an elderly couple. The main lead of this serial is a sixty-five-year-old man named Bhaskar Rao. He is a typical middle-class man with his particular ideas and beliefs. He has retired after forty years of service, and is not accustomed with all the free time that he now has. Even though he lives with his younger son Shravan, and his family, he misses his deceased wife and feels quite lonely. He takes walks in the park to spend his time. It is here that he meets a woman called Pratibha Guntur who is a fifty-five-year-old woman. She lives her life to the fullest and keeps herself fit and young.

She is a widow who lost her husband five years ago due to alcohol overdose. Even though she is lonely, she never shows it. She is outgoing and vibrant and always lives her life to the fullest. She lives with her only son Pradhan and his family. Bhaskar and Pratibha meet on an ordinary day in in ordinary circumstances. Pratibha approaches Bhaskar with a wish to talk and remove her loneliness. Bhaskar being a shy and introverted man, at first runs away but with time both become friends. Bhaskar starts falling for Pratibha as he starts knowing her. He falls in love with her lively and bright personality. He is captivated by her youthfulness even at old age. Their daily walking and gossiping routine becomes a habit for both which becomes a hot topic to discuss by people in the park.

The rumors reach the ears of Bhaskar's son and Pratibha daughter in law. Even though their love is opposed by their children, they somehow cannot stay away from each other. Being in each other’s company makes them happy and cherished. The serial ends with Bhasker announcing to his family that he is going on a trip. He doesn't divulge other details. This story is very interesting and overwhelming. It tells the world that love can happen anytime and to anyone.It does not see age and can happen to anyone. The serial was appreciated by the critics and audience. They loved the simple yet sweet storyline and direction which captured many hearts.