Kannada Tv Serial Nam Deshad Kathe

Nam Deshad Kathe Kannada tv-serials on ZEE KANNADA

Nam Deshad Kathe is a Kannada television series. The show is formatted as a reality travel series, or as popularly called a travelogue. It is the first of its kind to be telecasted in the Kannada channel of Zee. The host or anchor of this show is Sharath. He was the winner of the title Life Super Guru, and he takes the viewers of this show into an enchanting journey leading to a number of chilling mysterious of our country. Everyone knows how incredible India is in its traditions and cultures.

The Indian society is so enriched with these two factors that one gets to see an all new set of rituals, cuisine, and much more only by travelling a couple of miles away from their current position. Behind this rich heritage, India also has thousands of unearthed stories and tales, things which a lot of people aren’t aware of. This show brings up a platform which takes its audience on a journey to uncover these mysteries, places, and stories. The promise of thrill and unforgettable moments bound this show to its viewers throughout its run.

The show begins with the anchor or host of the show, who travels to uninhibited corners of this country. He further discusses the mysteries and the legend of the particular city he is in and along with his crew goes on a journey to find the truth to the rumoured legends. The journey of the host covers a huge portion of India, beginning with Gujarat, and then travelling through Kashmir reaching Bengal, before finally finishing at Kanyakumari. The show unhinges about a lot of dark shades of India, including horrors, myths, and astonishing stories.

One of the most shown haunted places in India the Bhangarh Fort is also given a limelight here. The Rama Sethu myth led to the abandonment of the Dhanush Kodi. A couple of places which were shown includes Moksha Bhavan, Land of Snakes, the Twin Town, Maharaja Express, and much more. All the places had their own set of stories and legends that the local people gossiped about. The team went through these places in an attempt to show the Indian audience their country’s hidden mysteries.

When the show came out, it was considered as a regular travelogue and not paid enough attention to. But after a couple of episodes, they began to intrigue its viewers and as a result, a lot of people began to watch the show. The element of mystery served as the best platter for this show along with a host who explained the scenarios, stories, and the places, with the utmost vigour and verve.