Kannada Tv Serial Music Express

Music Express Kannada Tv serials on Udaya music

‘Music Express’ is an exciting serial which airs songs from various movies. It is broadcasted on weekdays at 7:00 AM. Like most of the music shows, its aim is to get the day started in a happy and cheerful mood; and songs from popular films do that job perfectly. Most of the songs in the playlist are the ones which are trending at that moment of time. In each episode a person can expect around ten songs to be played.

Talking about the format, the show starts with a small animation with music which displays the title of show- ‘Music Express’. After that, the music starts playing. Sometimes, while the songs are being played, facts about that song or the movie from which that song is taken, are also displayed on the screen. At the start of the song, the name, the movie, the album and the singer are mentioned on the screen. These details are displayed floating from the left side of the screen; the same pattern is repeated at the end of the song.

However, there are no animated graphics between the songs. As soon as one ends, the other song starts to play. Mostly, music from Kannada Films is featured on the serial, Indie musical artists are rarely featured on the show. If a song is popular then one can expect it to be played more than once in a day. The popularity of the movie is also taken into consideration by the producers while choosing their music, even the soundtracks of films which haven't been released yet are played on air. While the show is being aired, there are about two to three advertisements; there are no movie promotions.

There are many similar shows and unfortunately, ‘Music Express’ does nothing or has nothing to make itself different from the others. This show is made for people who wake up early in the morning, and are getting ready for school or work. It is meant to help making things smooth and keeping all the tension away. Despite all this, there are many shows which have similar timings and similar formats on various other channels to which a person can tune into.

Such serials are broadcasted all around the world. And hence, ‘Music Express’ has been facing competition from other shows in the Kannada Music Industry. It is a huge battleground where there is little scope for getting the better of one’s rival. With its early morning time slot, the show has been steadily losing its viewers due to the pressure of life which the viewers face now-a-days.