Kannada Tv Serial Maya Mruga

Maya Mruga Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

T.N. Seetharam is a very famous director, who is a household name because of the TV serials that he has directed over the years. His TV soaps are the classic Kannada serials which people have been watching for the past 15 years, one such serial was Mayamruga. Kannadigas from all age groups knew of MayaMruga and have watched it. The latest move by TN Seetharam to revamp the old serial to treat the audience with that same old flavor was an excellent one. The audience response is very good and they were eagerly awaiting their favorite serial on TV again.

The series will be airing on TV from March 2014, on the channel Zee Kannada. TN Seetharam may have directed a lot of serials but his masterpiece will always remain MayaMruga. The serial has been revamped in collaboration with director Nagendra Shah and P Sheshadri.

The plot of MayaMuga is very simple, it follows the relationship of a father with his three sons. All four men live in the same house. The father is a very orthodox and traditional man with set values which he is not willing to change. He is a very authoritarian person, who keeps a strong hand over his sons. The sons are the complete opposite, they are educated and modern individuals with their own opinions and views. The story is about how the father manages his three sons and how the son’s try to convince their father to accept their new ways.

The serial is a classic imbibed in the heart of Kannadigas. It is a series very close to their heart as it talks about real problems they all face in their own lives today. The series puts a light on various issues like lifestyles, the mannerisms, the mentality of the people and most importantly the issues faced by the middle class or the common man.