Kannada Tv Serial Mahaparva

Mahaparva Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Mahaparva is a serial that was telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Friday at 9:30pm. It was started on 1st July’2013. Actor-director T.N.Seetharam has directed Mahaparva serial. Mahaparva is his fifth serial directorial venture. It is produced by Bhoomika Productions. Varsha, Sparsha, Sushma have acted in the 3 main characters and the director TNS has acted in the role of an advocate. Sudha Belawadi, Shashank Purushotham, Rashmi, Srinivas Prabhu and Sunderraj have acted in the other roles in this serial. Praveen Godkindi has given the music of the title song of this serial and Sangeeta Katti and Hemanth have sung the title song.

Mahaparva is a drama that revolves around three women named Kalyani, Samudyata and Parinitha and around a traditional family which is engaged in Ayurvedic Medicines’ manufacturing. It also revolves around some parallel stories regarding underworld dons and regarding political activities. It is primarily a court room drama which brings the social message that deals with the feelings of different sections of the people. The criminal lawyer Chandrashekhar Prasad, the popular character played by TNS, the director of the serial, helps this family in their legal issues. This is a kind of political satire that moves around the lives of the three women Kalyani, Samyudyata and Parinitha. How these women overcome the challenges and hurdles that come in their lives forms the crux of the story.