Kannada Tv Serial Krazy couple

Krazy couple Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Krazy Couple is a reality game show which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekend between Friday and Sunday in the time slot between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM. The program got premiered on Indian television screens on 27th December 2013. The program got hosted by the talented Urvashi, who needs no introduction in the Kannada film and television world. She has played a large variety of highly memorable characters which have gotten loved by the audiences. Her humor and comic timing get remembered and loved by everyone involved.

With this program, she marks her entrance into the world of anchoring a Kannada show. The game got played amidst four different couples who get invited on the show. Krazy Couple runs every weekend, and I made for both married as well as unmarried couples who would like to come over and try their luck. The quirky tagline given to the series reads Romeo geTestu Juliet geRestu. Within the game, the guys get made to take part in a variety of challenges which got aimed at impressing their better half. Every episode features a new set of four couples. Amongst them, the guys got required to go through the tasks while their wife/girlfriend stand and watch and judge them on how well they could fulfill the task. There is a total of six different rounds which get played in every episode.

One of the rounds also consists of an outdoor task which they’ll need to complete. The couples then get eliminated through the various rounds based on their performance. Finally, the winner at the conclusion of this journey gets awarded the title of Krazy Couple, and they also earn a chance to come back and be one of the participants on the grand finale of the show. Zee Kannada is a round the clock Kannada language channel which got launched in May 2006 and formed a part of the different channels which are offered by the Zee Network to its subscribers.

It showcases a wide array of programs including daily soap operas, movies, game shows, current affairs programs, and talk shows. It got launched in order to cater to the Kannada language speaking population of India. This wasn’t Zee Network’s first venture, however. Earlier they had also entered into a partnership with the Asianet Network to launch Kaveri TV. It got run successfully for a few years following which it stopped operations.