Kannada TV Serials Kamanabillu

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Actress Cast

Kamanabillu was being telecasted on Chandana TV from Monday to Friday. This serial is the first serial on a satellite TV, directed by T.N. Seetharam, a renowned Kannada film and TV serial Director. He is also an actor and writer. The serial is all about the present scenario and the latest development in political circles. The serial is mainly based on the day to day activities happening around us. This serial depicts the human nature and behaviour in different phases in their life time. The actor and director always focus on reaching the solution for every problem technically and logically.

The serial gives everyone to think logical and act. The strength of the serial is creating the strong viewer base. The director himself has acted in most of his serials and he likes to play the character of a lawyer who always comes to the rescue the downtrodden. He is strong in his scripts which makes him quickly change the course of a serial and deliver what the audience demand. His appearance in TV serial really makes viewer stand on the toe and script gives a sort of relief to many situations which everyone faces in life. There are many court scenes in the serial. And present the facts as if it is happening in front of the viewer. That is the power and charm of the director of this serial.


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