Kannada Tv Serial Jeevana Chaitra

Jeevana Chaitra Kannada TV SERIALS on Star Suvarna

Jeevana Chaitra is a Kannada TV serial that airs on the channel Star Suvarna from Monday to Friday at 6 pm. The serial was directed by Kailash Malaivalli and produced by RAS Narayanan and Abdulla. The show had four seasons. The first season had 33 episodes, the second one had 40 episodes, the third with 47 episodes, and the fourth season had 41 episodes. The serial Jeevana Chaitra is about a brother, Jeevan, whose first priority is to see his three sisters Chandana, Vandana, and Keerthana, happy.

Jeevan works in a factory, and the owner, Kavya, loves him. Kavya is born to Ramnath and Renu. Renu is his second wife. Ramnath has a daughter, Chaitra, with his first wife. Ramnath decides to get Chaitra married to Jeevan, but Renu and Kavya object to it. Despite that, Ramnath carries out the wedding. Kavya tries everything she can to ruin the wedding and succeeds when she abducts his sisters. She blackmails Jeevan to marry her in order to release his sisters, and Jeevan obliges on Chaitra’s request. Just as they were about to get married, the police arrest Kavya paving way for Jeevan and Chaitra to get married.

After the marriage, Kavya vows to destroy all their lives. Jeevan resigns from the factory, but Kavya refuses to give it to him. Jeevan and his family are repeatedly attacked by many enemies, and they overcome all of that. Chandana falls in love with a guy named Rahul. Jeevan and Chaithra go on their honeymoon to a resort, for which Kavya happily grants leave. In the forest around the resort, Kavya has her goons murder Chaitra, and the blame falls on Jeevan. On returning to their house, Jeevan gets convicted. Chandana and Rahul are wrongly arrested for running a sex racket, but later get released. They convince their families and get married.

Kavya then has her goons assault Jeevan’s sisters as a ploy to get him to agree to marry her. Just when they are getting married, Chaitra witnesses it without anyone seeing her. Feeling betrayed, she leaves. Kavya tries to separate Jeevan from his sisters and succeeds in the first step when she convinces Jeevan to move out with her to a different house. When Ramnath arranges for Chaitra’s last rites, Jeevan refuses to participate, as, in his heart, he knew Chaitra was alive.

He later finds out the truth just when Chaitra was about to initiate becoming a nun. Jeevan stops it and takes Chaitra back to their house, which brings joy to his sisters. To put an end to Kavya’s evil doings, Ramnath makes Chaitra the sole inheritor of his property, the police capture Kavya for shooting a man. Kavya and Renu continue to instigate fights between Jeevan and Chaitra and partially succeed. Even after finding out that Chaitra is pregnant, their fights don’t end. Kavya plots in the way that in the end, Chaithra leaves the house after writing a letter.