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Indain Reality show was launched on 12th August’2013 and was telecasted on ETV Kannada on Mondays at 8pm. It is based on MTV’s Roadies show. In this reality show 14 contestants have participated and competed with each other. They discovered the real sense of unity in diversity through a journey via seven states of India, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamilnadu and Kerala in a time span of ninety days. The show was started in Ladakh and ended in Kanyakumari. The contestants stayed in each of the seven states for a span of 10 days. The show was hosted by Akul Balaji. The seven states are explored through the eyes of these 14 contestants. Seven girls and seven boys took part in this show. Similar to the MTV’s Roadies show, the contestants were put in a variety of tasks and based on their performance got eliminated every week. The tasks included - preparation of a famous Karnataka meal and draping the Rajasthan’s traditional turban etc. Unlike the Roadies show where the contestants toured on bikes, here they traveled by bus. Spoorthi, Roopashri, Prarthana, Gamya, Soumya, Divya, Sushma Raj, Bhuvan Ponnnanna, Tsunami Kitty, Mahesh, Pradeep, Mithun Shet, Vinod, Pankaj Upadhyay have participated in this show. Spoorthi was dropped out of the show in the initial episodes while the other contestants participated till the end. The final episode was shot at Innovative Film City. The final episode of this show was telecasted on 17th November’2013.Vinod, Tsunami Kitty and Arpitha were the finalists and Tsunami Kitty has won the Indian reality show title and a cash prize of Rs.10, 00,000.
This show explored the diverse facets of culture, lifestyle, food, tradition and dialect by depicting the incredible India in an unfeasible journey. Indian reality was a huge hit on ETV Kannada.

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Indian is a reality show, which was being telecasted in ETV Kannada. This show is about adventure games. This show is being produced by the Coliseum Media House. The host of this reality show is a famous actor and dancer Akul Balaji. There are 14 contestants participating in this show. Out of fourteen contestants Roopashri, Tsunami Kitty, Divya, Spoorthi, Vinod, Nirosha, Pankaj Upadhaya, Mahesh are from Bangalore. The contestants Bhuvan and Gamya Biddappa are from Kodagu. Mithun Seth and Sushma Raj are from Udapi. Pradeep and Soumya Mandakki are from Shimoga and Hubli respectively. After a big success of the earlier reality show Big Boss which was being telecasted on ETV and was hosted by Kichha Sudeep. ETV is telecasting this reality show in line with viewer opinion to have another reality show. The tagline of this reality show is an impossible journey in incredible India. The tagline itself shows that the show consists of different tasks which are executed in different places in India. So every week the contestants move to different locations to perform the tasks discovering the true colours of India. The tasks are highly adventurous and make the viewer to stand on the toe. The viewer likes this program because of its adventurous nature and true colour of Indian heritage and culture. This reality show is really entertaining and more successful because of the huge viewer base.