Kannada Tv Serial Illiruvudu Summane

Illiruvudu Summane Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Evolution is the way of the universe and like everything in it, time to changes. People in this world need to change with time, or they’ll be left behind. But not everybody accepts change easily; some willingly accept it other are forced to bear it. Acceptance of change depends on generations too. While the youth accepts it quite readily, the older generation finds it a struggle. Inspired by the novel by late Sarita Kusumakar Desai, the show takes us on a journey of changing India. It portrays the drastic change the nation see within a decade.

Dreams that were once considered irrational and ridiculous are now possible to achieve. The life where the youth has its own opinion on who to vote and think on their feet. It is a story where the younger generation have adapted the fast paced life and are climbing the ladder of success. The whole is open now to succeed, and people are not afraid to leave their nest and spread their wing and see the world. Illiruvudu Summane literally means what is ‘here’ in the world only appearance.

The plot of the story is about the urgent issues of the day and age. It also shows the unprecedented conflict between the urban and the rural places. The show conveys the change in traditions as the people take steps towards modernity. The series portrayed the huge difference present the old and the new. The story revolves around Hiriyaana and his three sons Sadananda, Harsha and Santosh and their respective families. Illiruvudu Sammane is not only a well-made series but also has a gripping storyline that it unfolds with style and substance.

The drama is directed by a renowned film, theatre and media personality. He has made many documentary films and TV shows like ‘Garva ’and had also worked for leading newspapers like the Indian Express and now he has used his expertise to create Illiruvudu Sammane, it is none other than the talented Prakash Belawadi. Produced by Miditech, Illiruvudu Summane was created by a delicate mix of experience and a talented cast. The production has an innovative style of dialogue, and the overall look of the show, from the lighting to music to the look and feel of the cinematic photography is very much commendable.

The drama keeps its commitment to quality and creativity and does not disappoint the viewers. The show was well accepted the Kannada TV viewers.People even today remember all the Illiruvudu Summane episodes.