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Kannada Tv Serial Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda Season 1

Halli Hyda Pyeteg Banda Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Over the past few years, Suvarna TV has gained itself the reputation of being very innovative and pushing the Kannada TV industry one step ahead with every program that they have launched. They have been known for bringing fresh concepts to TV and getting excellent TRP ratings in return. Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda is the new groundbreaking serial on Suvarna TV. The main anchor for the show is Radhika Pandit Radhika Pandit another example of a home grown act >> Read More... , who is also the judge. Another anchor on the show is Akul Balaji Akul Balaji, born as Akula Balaji, is an Indian ac >> Read More... , who is a popular actor and dancer. The show is a reality show which is a sequel to the show Pyete Hudigir Halli Lifu which was judged and anchored by Sudeep.

The show is on a reality show platform and is about 8 tribal boys who come to the city to live. They are joined by 8 city girls, who would help them adjust to the city and show them how everything works. The 8 tribal boys are judged on the basis of how they adapt to their life in the city and how they learn to live in a completely different environment, from the one they are used to. They have to learn how act, dress, talk differently. The 8 city girls help the boys with this task and make sure that the boys perform well. There are eliminations based on the performances of the boys and the different games that are played.

The concept of the show is exactly the opposite of its prequel Pyete Hudigir Halli Lifu, in which 10 girls from the city were sent to the village and expected to survive there without any city privileges.

Halli Hyda Pyeteg Banda which literally translates to “Village Lad, lands in city” started being telecasted on Suvarna Channel in late 2010.

Another version of this story...
Halli Hyda Pytege Banda is yet another reality show which is in line with famous reality show Pyete Hudigir Halli Life which was being telecasted from Monday to Friday in Suvarna TV Channel. This show is the reverse process of Pyete Hudigir Halli Life, in which ten city girls live in a village performing all the tasks those village women will usually do. This program is much more successful in today’s big reality show environment. This is also successful as other reality shows in other languages, such as Hindi and English.
In Halli Hyda Pytege Banda eight boys belong to tribal community are the participants. These eight participants are trained to perform tasks assigned by eight city girls in every show. The beauty of this reality show is how these tribal boys, who are not much educated, behave and adjust with these city girls and get the training. These tribal boys have limited access to city life, even their interaction with girls are very much limited. In this reality show Halli Hyda Pyeteg Banda real heroes emerged because of multiple tasks performed by them which they might not have done in their lifetime. Film Actress Radhika Pandit performing as the judge, is adding more flavor to this show. Each episode is being anchored by famous dancer and anchor Atul Balaji.