Kannada Tv Serial Haaku Hejje Haaku

HAAKU HEJJE HAAKU Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Etv Kannada had actively engaged in giving the best kind of serials as well as reality shows for the benefit of the Karnataka people in and around the Indian subcontinent. The latest version had the form of a dance event with celebrities packed studio. It had borne the name haaku hejje haaku. The success of it had marked the fact that it had almost completed its second season in a grand manner.

The content of the sequence is described here. The Sandalwood superstars and other filming personalities enter the podium on one side. The Small screen television heroes and heroine had stood on the other. High energy filled dance performances choreographed by experts such as Johnny Britt, Sandy, Chauhan, and others had occupied the next place. The description had not ended. These superheroes had two rounds of opportunities to showcase their skills. One had the individual event whereby the contestants had to make their steps count and second had the pairing performance or duet exhibition.

Tarun Sudhir had recruited for choreographing throughout the season. The first promotion had telecast for two minutes in between the television serials. It had an astonishing note that the YouTube channel had highest hits. The commercials, in turn, had attracted various sponsors throughout the world. The participants had selection rounds. It had rumors that the participation had the basis on invites only. However, the Chief Executive Officer had denied making any statements further in respect of the manner in which the candidates had the basis.

They had no official announcement as well. The preliminary rounds had mind-blowing performances. Pairs had the better understanding that had exhibited during the romance time in a well-organized manner. It is to be noted that owing to the splendid performance; many audiences had started to think that they must be real couples or they should have fallen in love with each other. The Judges had many sarcastic remarks especially to tense the contestants at the time of elimination rounds. They often tend to raise the blood pressure of the people thereby making them sit at the edge of the seats. Overall, to conclude the review, the author had to specially mention that the showstopper had gone beyond the thinking capacity of the individuals in the art of dancing. Keep watching the event above to know more.