Kannada Tv Serial Golmaal Gouramma

Golmaal Gouramma is a Kannada comedy serial which used to be aired on Udaya TV. The last episode of the serial was aired in 2013. Over two hundred episodes were broadcasted. Each episode had a runtime of twenty minutes. It follows the life of Akshay, a lazy man who has no will to do anything, and how he survives in this world which is filled with love and competitiveness.

Nobody realizes that they have to be something in their life unless they get a kick from somewhere. Akshay is the kind of person I'm talking about here. After completing his undergraduate studies, he came back to his house and started living like there is nothing else to do. He would go out with friends to parties and get drunk. All his friends are employed at low paying jobs and hence are dependent on him to get his parent's money.

One day while he was shopping for groceries, he meets a girl and immediately falls in love with her. Amrita is a friendly girl who will talk to anybody. She likes to care for other people. For her, nobody is bigger than her parents. Like every other girl in India, her parents want her to marry and lead a settled life. Akshay proposes to marry her, but her parents refuse it, citing that he has no job. It was the kick he needed.

He starts looking for work. He starts working in a supermarket. It is not enough as he needs to earn more if he has any chance of getting her. He thinks that this is not for him and plans to run away and marry. He along with friends try to convince Amrita to run away, but she is adamant, and she won't leave her parents. Her friends and his friends fight for their respective friend, and this creates confusion among the people of the locality. Akshay and Amrita have no idea about what's happening.

They are not able to control their friends so how can they expect them to control themselves. During the whole series, there are a lot of fights between the two groups. There are also a few scenes of intense emotions between the two protagonists. Akshay’s parents also are not worried about him. They don't care and are letting their son do whatever he wants. They are just proud that he has finally got a job and is leaving the house for once.