Kannada Tv Serial Gangotri

Gangotri Kannada Tv serials on Gemini tv

Gangotri is a Kannada soap opera which is aired on DD Chandana. It is a show based on the life of a girl which has gained popularity among the Indian housewives. It has aired over four hundred episodes and has received praise from many critics. Gangotri is a shy girl who has always been good in studies. She lives in Udupi and to complete her higher studies; she had spent four years in Bangalore.

She has lived in the world full of modern standards but that doesn't mean she doesn't respect customs and traditions. She listens to her parents and will follow whatever they say. Like every other girl in the country, her parents decide to get her married after she completes her studies. While she wants to work, she cannot go against her parents and agrees to get married.

Her parents think about getting her married to somebody from the village. Many people in the village are not educated, and hence she knows that it will be difficult for her to live there. With the help or her friends, she keeps rejecting them by giving various reasons. Soon, her parents get to know what she is doing and forcibly get her married to the son of their close friend.

They have a big joint family, which lives together in a big house. At first, she hesitates a lot but then she realizes that this is not a choice but rather an order. In two months time, after all the ceremonies, she is married to Ravi. Ravi is a nice person who is trying hard to do something on his own. He behaved nicely with her and treated her with all respect. Gangotri fails to feel the same towards him. She tries hard but is not able to communicate with him properly.

Something inside her is not letting her convey what she wants to say. The joint family is not helping her a bit. They are not treating her properly, and they shout at her at every chance they get. She wants to get a job and start working, but the women in the family are supposed to do household work. Ravi understands this and allows her to find a job. Her in-laws are against it and challenge her to juggle both the things together.

Each episode is a daily struggle of Gangotri’s life as she juggles both her work and personal life together. Despite all this, she doesn't lose her nice attitude and helps the young lovers in the famous show to be together.