Kannada Tv Serial Ee Bandhana

Ee Bandana Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv



Ee Bandhana is a Kannada family drama serial broadcasted by Sun Network on Udaya TV at 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday. The show is a mega family sequence of four people having different identities but sharing the same roof as shelter. Set in the typical Kannada tradition, the plot has concentrated more on women characters. Udaya TV is famous for its family sagas and is a famous channel celebrating many successful serials and plays a supporting role in giving the chance to new actors to become a part of the small industry.

The show has numerous fans following due to its storyline and publicity of the Udaya TV since it appears on this channel, it must be good. The show begins with a general life of members of a family who posses different qualities, dreams and attitudes like any other house. The focus of the plot is more on the women and thus the female viewers of the serial are more attracted towards it.

The story develops as women protagonists develop dreams and ambitions. The cast of the show is extremely qualitative, having Rohini Raghunandan as the heroine in the event opposite Vishal Raghu. Rohini is the famous Kannada enactor who has acted in Punar Vivaha as the supporting actress and lauded for her intense role. She has done full justice to her role and has acquired a secure place in the hearts of the audience. Similarly, Raghu is a magnificent actor and is laudable for his expressions and dialogues. The other people in the show are Krishnamoorthi Kavathar, Aishwarya Gowda and Ashwini Gowda.

All the actors form a cluster of their lives and especially the women enactors submerge in a differently challenged life. They pose the difficulties of women under the dominance of male. Like every other story of woman as a victim of patriarchy, Rohini and Aishwarya are also a prey of society and the criticism. The story of the show is very intensely portraying, and it takes the hearts of the audience emotionally.

The connection between the reel lives of women characters and the real life of ladies is relatable. So, while depicting the struggle of women, the serial captures the minds of all the female viewers, and this is the trophy of Ee Bandhana. The success of characters in the show comes as achievements to its viewers as they relate their lives to them. And while they connect with them, the desire to see them succeed in life grows over time. The relation between women of the family also develops.