Kannada Tv Serial Divya Sannidhi

Divya Sannidhi Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada
Divya Sannidhi is a program that is being telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Saturday at 7 am. It was started on 7th July’2014 and has completed 75 episodes as on 30th September’2014. The Multi-talented artist Sihi Kahi Chandru hosts this show.
Divya Sannidhi is a different type of spiritual program, where you will feel like in a pilgrim by watching this show. It brings the divinity and grandeur of famous temples across Karnataka right to viewer’s homes as the anchor Sihi Kahi Chandru every morning explores two famous temples. Deeply considerable, these are the temples that all Kannadigas dream of getting the Darshan before they start their day. Divya Sannidhi also gives its viewers the views of famous personalities and Gurus and tells us about their stories. 
Divya Sannidhi program has several segments like- The Prayer section where various bhajans are telecasted, The Mahabharata section where, some episodes from the epic Mahabharatha are highlighted by famous Padmashree Bannanje Govindacarya, The Yogakshmema section where the famous yoga guru Dr. M.S.Omkar explains different posters of yoga and The Punya Bhoomi section where the show explains and explores the specialties of various pitas and mutts. 
By visiting the holy temples and places of Karnataka right from their home, the viewers will get peace of mind. By knowing each temple’s history through this show, viewers will enrich their knowledge about the religion.