Kannada Tv Serial Dibbana

Dibbana Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Dibbana is a drama show which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday in the slot beginning at 9:00 PM. The program got premiered on Indian television screens on 16th February 2009. The tale of this series has gotten written by the famous writer S.N. Sethuram. His name is amongst one of the most popular in this industry. He is also credited as the director of this serial. The story of this show brings to us the life of four families and how their fates get intertwined amongst one another.

As the episodes progress, we observe the challenges they come across and how they tackle them. We get introduced to the Late Keshav Rao, who had started his own factory for manufacturing beedi. He left behind his wife Sunandamma who has now become the head of their family. They both also have a grown up son whom they named Vishwas. He is completely spoilt and does whatever he pleases. Keshav Rao also had two brothers called Venkatesh and Vasu. Venkatesh gave birth to two children called Anila and Akanksha. They both work as a part of the family’s business and assist their father on a regular basis.

Vasu is a widower and has a single daughter called the Padma who is a doctor. We are also introduced to a man called Govind Rao who is a very old employee in their organization. He is also a close confidante of Sunandamma. She listens to his advice when it concerns the matters of the company’s finances as well as the administration. One day an unforeseen incident occurs, and this triggers differences to arise amidst the family members. They are now unwilling to continue doing this business together. As the narrative continues, we observe the gradual change in authority and power structures unfold.

Various facets of our society get represented here along with the force they exert on our lives. Society, politics, religion, bureaucracy, judiciary, media, all of these aspects fall into consideration as our protagonists try to make sense of their lives. Once close family members now squabble over different things as they seek to serve their personal interests and in certain cases the interest of their family. Over time, this discord begins to affect their attitudes as well, in addition to how they live, their values, etc. What we ultimately witness is a change in the equation amidst each individual member of all the families. This deteriorates as well as disintegrates their families and even causes the eventual decay of an entire society.