Kannada Tv Serial Crime Story

Crime Story Kannada TV SERIALS on UDAYA TV

The crime story is a Kannada thriller serial that was aired on Udaya TV. The serial was broadcasted from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm. The format of this serial is that they would depict a current scenario crime story in Bangalore. In each episode, they allure the viewers on showing the recently happened crime scenarios with in-depth details. The serial will be displayed on visual for the audience with actors performing the roles of the victims. In one episode, the serial portrayed the story of a software engineer and his wife. They always ended up in quarrels when discussing something, and on one such day, they were furiously arguing over something. Unfortunately, the software engineer frantically grabbed a knife in utmost anger and stabbed his wife about eleven times. After killing his wife, he gained his conscious of committing murder. Therefore he decides to commit suicide from jumping off from a building. The serial shows clearly the reason behind the murder. Due to stress from his office, he loses his mind and becomes ill-tempered. These factors affected him psychologically, leading him to become murdered.

In each episode, different crime scenes that happen daily are shown to the viewers and the reasons behind those crimes. The main asset of the serial is that they show some crimes before it is filed in the FIR. This show grabs the curiosity of all the viewers as if they read the crimes in the news they automatically attain the interest to dig further about it. This serial helps them to know about many unsolved murders and the criminals behind it and beneficial to the viewers as they could stay alert and ensure their safety from the crimes in their city. The serial attained a huge TRP rating and was appreciated by the viewers. The serial was produced and directed by Balakrishna Kalkatar.