Kannada Tv Serial Chitte Hejje

Chitte Hejje Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Chitte Hejje is being aired on ETV Kannada channel from Monday to Friday at 9 pm. The meaning of Chitte Hejje is ‘path of butterfly’. Tracing the path of the butterfly is not so easy; similarly man’s destiny. This is the main theme of the story. Chitte Hejje is a love story which has no boundaries. Chitte Hejje is produced by Venkat Phani. The story is written and Directed by Vinu Balanja. Others team members are Seetha Kote, Hanumanthegowda. The film actor and TV serial actor Ananth nag is in a leading role as Dhananjaya, a politician. His daughter is Netra. Netra is a beautiful, well-educated girl. Without the consent of Netra, her engagement takes place. There is a flash back story before this engagement. The business man who has some verges with Dhananjaya somehow traps him and makes to get engaged. Fortunately Netra comes to know about his act. In the mean time she meets Rama who is a slum dweller. She falls in love with him because of his good nature and respect towards women. But Rama on the other hand still totally confused about this love. Somehow she convinces Rama to run away from the home and get married. The focus of the story is that when an engaged girl runs away from the home and gets married to the slum dweller Rama. Later the story continues with sacrifices, compromises of Netra and Rama in their life.