Kannada Tv Serial Chitralekha

Chitralekha Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Chitralekha is a serial being telecast on ETV Kannada at 1:30 PM from Monday to Saturday. This serial is a family drama showing that the fighting for property between father and son does not affect the original traditional values and love towards family, it being a major character of Indian families.

Sathyadev is a very famous media person, who runs a successful newspaper, now retired and staying at home. Aditya and Teju are the well-wishers of Sathyadev, They suggest Sathyadev to afford Aditya whatever he needed. Sathyadev having given the money to Sakshi and begins to criticise him. Sathyadev elder son Anirudh has been missing since a long time due to an accident and the entire story will go on this theme.

Anirudha was involved in Teju’s murder case that’s why he is absconding. Anirudha’s mother and wife know about him and where he is staying and both are of helping him to hide from the police. One day Sathyadev saw Anirudha and his wife was standing on the roadside. Sathyadev was living separately because of misunderstanding with his wife he called to his sister-in-law and scolded her and told don’t protect him after that she decided. She informed to police about her husband. Janhavi’s husband, Anirudh, shoots her and puts her in a critical position. Ahalya, Janhavi’s mother in law, couldn’t bear the shock and falls unconscious due to high blood pressure.

Adi and his wife , Tejaswini are worried about the happenings and don’t know what to do about it. Ahalya and Sathyadev apologise with Janhavi’s father and tell him that they are ashamed. The police, who is on the look out of Anirudh, find where he is hiding but are not able to catch him. In his attempt to escape from the police, he is shot on his leg by the police officer. Inspite, of this he,runs away.

When the police inform about this to Tejaswini, she feels worried for Janhavi. Here, Swathi agrees to marry and accepts the proposal of Prashanth. All are very happy in the family. They all start the preparations for the functions to be held. Kamalamma visits the doctor’s clinic, where she had given away her son for adoption. She demands the doctor to give the whereabouts of her son. But the doctor refuses and tells her that once a child is given away, the biological mother does not have any rights of the child. But she convinces the doctor by informing him about her illness. He agrees to search for the matter in his diary as he had the craze of writing.Further in the serial, we can see whether Anirudh’s parents support him or not.

The actors of the serial are 'Umesh', 'Shruti', 'Devaraj' and directed by  Somashekhar . V.