Kannada Tv Serial Chi. Sow. Savithri

Chi. Sou. Savithri Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Chi. Sow. Savithri is a family drama telecast by Zee Kannada TV, from Monday to Saturday at 7pm. This serial shows a woman’s fight to keep her self-respect as well as family values in a society where sometimes our most loved one may be against us. A conservative, lower middle class family with 3 girls, a not so supportive father and an uncle who is sweet tongued but bitter at heart. This is the background of Savithri, who is the eldest daughter of this family.

The story moves forward with Savithri’s marriage and the problems she and her family face till her wedding. Savithri and Satya fall in love when their marriage proposal was being discussed. So inspite of his mother’s disinterest, Satya marries Savithri. After the wedding also Savithri has to fight with varied circumstances at her in-laws, but is lucky enough to get her husband’s support. Her life changes for the better when the true parents of her husband are found and it becomes one big happy family. Savithri’s sister Vandana falls in love with her boss, Pratap and they get married. But this happy family is put into problems when a girl comes into their life saying that she is Vandana’s husband’s old girl friend and has a child from him.

After this some incidents take place which makes Vandana unhealthy. Savithri tries her best to save her sister but fails.The death of her sister shakes Savithri but she is strong enough to move forward and fight the wrong doers. Now, at a time when she is pregnant and dreaming about a better future for her family, she has to face the wrath of ‘Ammaji’ ( a self declared saint), who is trying to kill her unborn child so that she can get a piece of land. That land contains some sort of treasure and legally belongs to Savithri. When she gives birth to a child, that plot will be transferred to the child’s name. To bring Satya to give her the land Ammaji is tells Satya that if Savithri gives birth to the baby then she will die. Unknown to the devious plans of Ammaji, Savithri is fighting hard to keep her husband’s changed trust and trying to keep him to believe that they will surely get a good life with their new baby.

The serial features 'Ananthvelu', 'Usha Bandari', 'Nandini Murthy' and 'Sunil Sagar'. The serial is directed by 'Shruthi Naidu'.