Kannada Tv Serial Belagu

Belagu Kannada Tv serials on Dd chandana

Belagu is the TV program which is being aired on Chandana Kannada TV. The show is the most popular because it confines with prominent personalities. Each show will have a famous person comprising of all walks of life, including literature, technologies, medicine, sports, agriculture, Business, Industry etc. They are all well-known and achieved in their respective fields, having inspiring stories and have truly contributed to the society in various ways. They also have cast an inspiring impact on the people. This show is being hosted by Jayaprakash Nagatihalli and produced by Sri Shivakumar. This show gives insight of life, describing the different phases of achieving success in life.

In this show live interview is conducted. A guest present in the show describes how they achieved success in life and in their respective field. Getting success magnificently in life is not so easy. So how they got success by eliminating several hurdles reaching top position in life will be explained by the guest. In one of the shows Dr.Shashikala Krishnamurthy was the guest. Dr. Shashikala Krishnamurthy is the professor & head of pathology at SSIMSRC and educated in Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore. Now she lives in Davangere. Dr.Shashikala Krishnamurthy’s interview created confidence, determination among viewer and gave glimpses of achieving success in life. This also gives tips and glimpses of woman and guru, love and affection between them. This program creates enthusiasm and confidence, determination of a person by watching the achievements of the other great personalities.