Kannada Tv Serial Bangari

Bangari Kannada TV SERIALS on Colors Super

Bangari had started without any proper introduction. The plot had created confusion among the minds of the individuals. The reason had that the director stressed more on maintaining the suspense for a longer time. The promotional video indicated that the theme had revolved around a five- year-old girl who firmly believed that her mother had the incarnation of a spinster girl. Bangari had lived with her grandparents. Her father, Rajeev, had a well-established business and had contacts of the big shot in the society. However, he had unconditional affection towards his daughter. Rajeev had once skipped a million dollar deal only to attend to her sick spawn.

His daughter loved him so much. She had sacrificed her sleep to console her father who looked depressed after office hours. Rajeev took all the responsibilities that his wife would have taken, had she been alive. The plot highlighted that Rajeev had lost his wife years back. The way he had missed her had could not be explained for many episodes. Their love for each other had indicated that there had been no necessity to introduce a new female character in the form of heroin. But the writer of the story had other ideas. One day, Bangari pesters her dad to provide her with the details of her mother.

Rajeev took his wedding pictures and displayed them before his adorable daughter. The first turnaround had happened when Bagari went to market along with her grandmother. Bangari had met a young woman, who had come for shopping there. She introduced herself as Bangari and asked for her name. The lady replied that her name was Kauvery. Kauvery had the face similar to Mrs. Rajeev. Hence, Bangari told Kauvery that there had been a guy who had loved her so much. She had told Kauvery that she was her daughter. She further requested her to come back home.

After some episodes, it was clear that Kauvery was engaged to her childhood friend, Dhurav. They were set to get married next month. However, the talks with Bangari had shocked her to a greater extent. She had thought about this issue day and night thus, resulting in dark circles under her eyes. Soon, the answer to the solution had been found by her. The next decision of Kauvery had remained as an interrogation. Hold on tight and click the above link to watch the next thrilling sequences to keep you entertained.