Kannada Tv Serial Baa Nanna Sangeetha

Baa Nanna Sangeetha Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Baa Nanna Sangeetha is a drama series which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday in the slot of 7:30 PM. It got directed by the renowned director Vijayakumar, who has delivered a lot of other famous works in the Kannada television as well as film industry in the past. His other hit works which received good reviews and did excellent business include the likes of Nanda Loves Nandita and Gejje Naada. M. Venkatesh consented to become the producer of the serial.

Coincidentally, he is also the brother-in-law of the director, Vijayakumar. The lead protagonist, Sangeetha’s character gets played by the popular television anchor and actress, Shwetha Chengappa. She has lent a unique voice to the role and made sure that the viewers can connect well. The other actors on the serial have also played their roles beautifully and enabled the series appeal to reach far and wide. There exists a very healthy mix of both senior artists as well as newcomers within the entire team.

A number of renowned film actors consented to become a part of this venture including the likes of Triveni, Vijaya Kashi, Kishori Ballal, Preethi, Balaji and much more. They have essayed various memorable roles on the silver screen and are now trying to leave their mark on the world of television as well. The diversity of talent is also on display as the famous singer Shashidhar Kote shall be taking up the role of the protagonist, Sangeetha’s music teacher. The main story of the entire serial revolves around the fluctuating dynamics between two sisters, Sangeetha, and Sitara. They get faced with immense uncertainty in their lives when by a sudden twist of fate they both get married to members of the same household.

The story’s narrative has got designed to be simple without too many complications so as to ensure that the audiences can relate to the situations better. The veteran actor KishoriBallal has gotten the role of the family’s grandmother, VichitraChanakya. She is the sole voice of logic and reasoning in the household whom people look up to. Shwetha Chengappa has done justice to the role which portrays her to be a classical singer. Her soul touching songs for this serial have gotten done by the talented Chytra Bharadwaj.