Kannada Tv Serial Aragini

Aragini Kannada TV SERIALS on SUVARNA TV

Aragini is a Kannada drama serial which used to be aired on Suvarna TV and has aired a total of 552 episodes starting from 5th August 2013 to 17th April 2015. It a remake of the Hindi serial named “Is Pyaar Ko Main Kya Naam Doon” (what name should I give this love?). The main protagonists of the story are Sidharth and Khushi.

Aragini is a classic storyline of a drama in which the lead characters have a love- hate relationship. The characters start out by fighting every chance they get and eventually warm up to each other and fall in love. The story follows the opposites-attract formula as, Sidharth is an egoistic tycoon who is suave, charming and very modern while Khushi is a small town girl who believes in love, God, and relationships. Sidharth is very close to his family but, he does not believe in love and has a hard time accepting the fact that he loves Khushi. All the while he puts Khushi through hardships and tests her strength. Khushi prevails and eventually after going through a lot of hardships they get together. The entire serial revolves around them and their clashes, and eventually Khushi starts working in Sidharth’s office and meets his girlfriend.

The actors have given really commendable performances, earning accolades from its viewers. The audience response to this serial was very good and it is one of the highest rated Kannada shows on television. The script of the original Hindi serial has been kept intact and the characters are portrayed very convincingly.

The shooting locations are very beautiful and the sarees and chudidars worn by Khushi have become an internet sensation. The bitter sweet love story is appealing even though the plot seems like it has been done over and over again. The plot twists in the serial make one really anticipate and wait for the next episode. As the story proceeds one is assured to get glued to the seat during the show timings as it keeps on getting interesting with each passing episode.