Kannada Tv Serial Anuraaga Sangama

Anuraaga Sangama Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Anuraaga Sangama is being telecast on Udaya TV at 8 pm from Monday to Friday. It is directed by Ranganath Partha  and Produced by Sunil Mehta, Prem Kishan.

This serial is a story about a very happy family. The head of the family, Krishnaprasad, lives with his wife, two daughters and one son. One day they suddenly find out a secret about the head of the family, Krishnaprasad. Krishnaprasad, a well to do businessman, lives with his wife Rukmini and children. They are one happy family as it seems. The twist in the story comes when Rukmini finds out about the second family of her husband and his adultery.

The story develops as Rukmini confronts Krishnaprasad and all the drama takes place. Rukmini is devastated when she learns that her husband, whom she had considered as the best and most loyal husband, has cheated on her. She comes to know that Krishnaprasad has another wife, Radha and three more children from her. She and her children oppose Krishnaprasad and Rukmini plans to break her relationship with her husband. But Krishnaprasad’s mother, a good woman, advices her daughter in law against breaking her relationship as she has two unmarried daughters. So, somehow Rukmini agrees to live with her disloyal husband.

The story takes a turn when Krishnaprasad dies and the two wives claim his property. Rukmini has to live with her husband’s second family under the same roof due to unavoidable circumstances. As the property is supposed to be divided equally among the two wives, they divide the house by tying a rope in the middle of the house. They continue living together but still are separated by heart.

Radha, is a good woman at heart. She understands Rukmini’s problems and tries to adjust with the situation. As the days go by Radha is successful in gaining Krishnaprasad’s mother’s trust. When Rukmini tries to adjust to the varied situations, suddenly one day her son, Vishwas marries a girl, Divya and brings her home. Rukmini cannot bear this breach of trust by Vishwas and tells him to leave the house with his wife. When Radha comes to know about this she forces Vishwas to come and live in her part of the house. Sahana, Rukmini’s daughter tries to console Rukmini and assures her of finding the truth. Acting by the famous Dr. Shrinath as Krishnaprasad is as expected and the remaining cast has put up a very good effort.