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Kannada Tv Serial Antarala

Antarala Kannada Tv serials on Dd chandana

Antarala is a music-based reality TV show which came on the channel DD Chandana. The series is a Kannada language one that came on every day of the week ranging from Monday through to Sunday. The program got aired in the half hour time slots of 5 PM to 5:30 PM. Antarala featured songs from some of the latest movies which got released and some which would be releasing in the coming days. All the songs, as well as movies which featured on the show, got selected from the Kannada movie industry. The show had excellent tracks in its repertoire that used to be trending in their days.

The music types ranged across varying genres. Ranging across from romantic, action, comedy, and even melancholy as well. The entire emotional spectrum gets covered over the course of this show. The program has a little something for every person watching the show. The musical numbers that get selected present fresh variety and got designed for preventing monotonicity in the audiences. The songs got kept intentionally spreading across genres and generations so as to cater to every kind of viewer across age groups.

This makes sure a larger audience enjoys and views the show. In every episode that got aired, care got taken towards selecting a different variety of music that could engage as well as entertain everyone. Be it pop music or even slower tracks, the program always had it all. The show’s success got attributed to the excellent variety of the tracks and music that made this series an instant hit with the audiences who all tuned into it regularly. The show very soon got featured as one of the best music shows to air on the channel.

The popularity of the series was truly astounding. This series got kept well in line with DD Chandana’s strategies and expanded their viewer base and reached more viewers. The channel attempted to strengthen its position of being among the leading Kannada language entertainment channels which were on air and cater to many diverse programs across topics and cater to the taste, the preferences and the expectations of all kinds of people across ages all over the globe.