Kannada Tv Serial Anavarana

Anavarana Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Anavarana is a serial that was telecasted on ETV Kannada from Monday to Saturday at 8:30pm. It was started on 20th June’2011. Anavarana serial is directed by S.N. Sethuram of Manthana fame. He has bowled out the Audience with his acting performance in his previous serials Manthana, Dibbana. He has played many roles in T.N.Seetharam’s earlier serials. He gave the screenplay, story and dialogues for this serial.  Anavarana serial is the story of an old couple, Sundari and Sethuram. They live in a village and have 4 children.

The firsrt child is an IAS officer who stays in the city with his wife and daughter and works in Health department. His daughter is a principled person and cannot tolerate her corrupted father but his wife is a smart person with wise justifications.  Their second child is an Architect who got married with another architect. They own a firm. Their children stay in boarding school. The third child is Smriti who is a good- looking young lady and Cardiologist by profession. She is a person with guts and woman strength and stands apart from others by living with her daughter who is born because of her infatuation during her college days. She realizes that the man whom she loved is not good and decides to go and stay away from him. With the principles and guts she have, she saves and keeps her daughter with her against the will of her entire family. So she is looked by everybody as a convicted person for committing the mistake. The fourth child is Mukunda, software professional who is married to a girl who is also software professional.  He craves for his wife’s love and time.

The family drama among these characters forms the plot of the serial Anavarana.  Director Sethuram has stroked chords of emotions of the humans with this amazing serial. It won the viewers’ choice for various reasons- the script, the perfect star cast, the content and the storyline of this serial.