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Amma Ninagaagi is a mega serial that used to be telecasted on Colors Kannada from Monday to Saturday at 5:30 pm. The last episode was aired on 6th June 2015.

This is a story about a happy couple, Rohini, and Manohar, both in their middle age. They are very much in love with each other and are always helpful towards others. Everyone respects them for their goodness. They have a small family. The children also love them very much and are obedient too. Then one day suddenly, the family finds out that the head of the family, Manohar, has a daughter from his premarital, and it sweeps them off their feet.

This news shocks everyone because nobody knew about such an affair of his before marriage. Somehow he consoles his wife, Rohini and convinces her that he is not having any such affair at present. Whatever had happened was a part of his past, and he regret that, but all he cares about now is his present family. She finally forgives him and cools down. Later, the family is again rattled when Manohar tells that he wants to bring his daughter to his home to make her a part of the family. He tells his wife, Rohini that as she had not got the love of her father in her childhood, he would like to give her that fatherly love now. This decision upsets Rohini very much, and she firmly disagrees with Manohar.

On the other hand, Manohar’s daughter, Kadambari, who has been deprived of any fatherly love, wants to spend time with her father. All the family members misunderstand her right to ask for the fatherly love and start thinking that she wants her father’s property, so she wants to come into the family and take her share in the long run. But she proves them wrong and convinces them that her only intention is to get the love of her father. In the midst of all these problems, Manohar falls sick. He then calls all his family members and expresses his last wish as, that he wants his daughter with him in his house as a member of this family. He requests his children to accept her as their sister. The story moves forward showing the viewers how she faces all types of problems because of Manohar’s family’s opposition. Her fight to gain her right is portrayed very nicely.

Another version of this story...

Srinivas Sidlaghatta, director of the Kannada film ‘Baaji’, has directed the initial episodes of Amma Ninagaagi. Srinivas Sanklapur, from there on took over the director’s seat. The serial is produced by Gunashekhar under the banner of Vaishnavi Productions. It has an excellent star cast in the form of 'Ramesh Bhat', 'Umashree', 'Dilip Raj', 'Srinivasa Prabhu', 'Manju Bhashini', 'Madhuri', and others. The title song of this serial has been sung by Chitra, one of the famous film playback singer. Ramanarayan has written the title song and Mohanraj has composed the music for the same. Ramesh Bhat, the winner of the recent Rajyostva Award, has played the role of Manohar and Umasri has played the role of Rohini.

Amma Ninagaagi is the story of Manohar, Rohini, and their family. They stay together. Manohar has a daughter Kadambari who has born before his marriage from his premarital affair shocks his family with the news of Kadambari. He now desperately wants to get her into his life as a family member. Rohini, the mother accepting Kadambari, the premarital daughter of her husband, creates ripples in their family. It is the story of a mother’s tribulations and trails. Would his family members fulfill the last wish of him? And how he brings his daughter into his life? This forms the theme of this serial.