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Kannada Tv Serial Amma Magalu

Amma Magalu Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Amma Magalu is a Kannada game show that is aired on Udaya TV. Udaya TV was the first Kannada satellite channel in India which is a off-spring of Sun TV Network, one of the biggest broadcasting networks in South India. The show started telecasting in the year 2016. Amma Magalu is an interactive game show which tests the bond between a mother and daughter. In this show, mothers and daughters get together as teams to go face to face against each other to win the title of “Amma Magalu”, that is, the best “mother-daughter” team.

The format of the show is quite fascinating. Each episode has two teams of mother and daughter, and they compete in a series of rounds. These rounds are game rounds. The rounds test their household skills, kitchen skills, and their chemistry as mother and daughter. The show starts with each team betting for certain points through a paper draw. They draw papers out of a bowl, and each team gets a chance for raising the points in the challenge. The final points reached will be the points that they will score after winning the first set of rounds.

The first round is played in two rounds. In the first round, mothers from both the teams come to the centre stage and perform a task. The task can be anything related to kitchen work. For, e.g., peeling the maximum number of oranges in a minute. In the second round, the daughters from each team also have to finish a task in the given amount of time. After combining the scores, the winner of the first round gets the point that was decided at the beginning of the round. In the second round, the teams play in a shopping round.

The team decides on one member. That member has to shop from a set of shopping products that have been provided to them. They are also provided with a budget. One member chooses the products, and the other member totals the prices. The team who reaches closest to the budget amount wins the round. The last round of the show also has two parts. In the first part, one member is given a word by the hosts and they have to enact it to their other team member in the given time. If they guess it correct, they score points.

In the second round, a member of each team comes to the centre stage,tshere is a buzzer kept in the middle. They are asked movie related questions. They have to run to the buzzer and hit it if they know the answer. Whoever hits the buzzer gets to answer the question. After adding up all the points earned from each of these rounds, the highest scoring team wins and is given the title of “Amma Magalu”. They also get gift vouchers, and gift hampers as a prize. The show is hosted by Pradeep and Sinchan Dixit Sinchan Dixit is a renowned playback singer in Ind >> Read More... who make the show interesting and fun with their random commentary and interactive presentation.