Kannada Tv Serial Akasha Deepa

Akasha Deepa Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Akasha Deepa is a very famous Kannada serial. It is a remake of an ongoing Hindi serial ‘Diya aur baati hum’ which is being aired on Star Plus channel. This is currently being aired in Kannada on Asianet Suvarna. The story revolves around Deepa and Akash who get married due to filial pressures and have very different aspirations from life. The serial stars Divya Sridhar as Deepa and Parikshit as Akash. The story starts with Deepa, a smart intelligent girl and her aspiration to study for UPSC to become an IAS/IPS officer.

She is cheated and tricked by her brother into marrying Akash who is a simple uneducated small town man. Deepa has a hard time adjusting to the family but eventually Akash steps up and supports her dreams and similarly Deepa helps him study and become smarter. The serial is a very sweet story about adjusting to circumstances in life and following your dreams and fulfilling your aspirations. Divya Sridhar is a very famous Kannada actress and it created big waves when it was announced that she would be moving from the big screen to the small screen.

The director Sakarebailu Srinivas in an interview revealed that the storyline is loosely based on the life of Divya Sridhar herself as she was also got married in a similar fashion by her family and had to study for IAS exams by herself while being married to someone whom he did not share much with. Her husband is very supportive of her career decisions and helps her achieve her goals. The storyline came up in a chat between Puneeth Rajkumar and the director while discussing the actor’s life.

Parikshit plays the role of Akash and was last seen on screen playing the role of Sri Raghavendra Swamy, in the historical serial ‘Guru Raghavendra Vaibhava'. His shift from a historical serial to a soap drama was much talked about.