Kannada Awards Suvarna Parivaar Awards 2015

Suvarna Parivaar Awards 2015 Kannada tv-shows on SUVARNA TV

Like the previous years, Suvarna Parivar Awards came this year with all the glamor and glitter. The awards presented this year were curtailed with many breathtaking performances by the celebrities of the channel. Hari and Shalini performed on a romantic song and with their charismatic moves enthralled the crowd throughout their act. Tejaswi danced on the most sensual act performed on the stage of Suvarna Parivar Awards and shocked the crowd with her steamy and sticky choreography. The entire Parivar of Suvarna TV also put up an ensemble comedy and dance act, which mesmerized the audience to the very core.

It was a nostalgic moment for everyone on the show, and especially the viewers and the fans because a lot of memorable shows ended this year. This year a couple of awards were presented in a very new manner, which is by calling the artists to the stage to perform a dance and then felicitating them with the award. The stage and decoration took to a new level, as this year it marked an extravaganza of the celebrations. The line-up of artists performing also was amazing with the most popular stars of the channel coming together and setting the stage on fire with the extraordinary numbers of Bollywood songs. The Best Hiriya Sadasya Award was awarded to ‎Jagannath, for the show ‎Amma. The Best Hiriya Sadasye Award was awarded to Jayakka, for the show ‎Avanu Mathe Shravani.

The Best ‎Amma Award was awarded to Sukanya, for the show Amma.‬ The Best Khalanayaka Award was awarded to Hari, from the show Gundyana Hendthi.‬ The Best Khalanayaki Award was awarded to ‎Damayanthi, for the show ‎Durga. The Jaana Mechida Taare Award was awarded to Shakuntala Devi. The Best Reality Show Contestant Male was awarded to Rajath. The Best Reality Show Contestant Female was awarded to Monisha. The Best Sahodara Award was awarded to Jeevan from, for the show ‎Jeevana Chaitra. The Best Sahodari Award was awarded to Shalini, for the show ‎Amma.

The Best Maga Award was awarded to Gundya, from the show Gundyana Hendthi.‬ The Best Magalu Award was awarded to Durga, for the show Durga. The Best Nayaka Award was awarded to Tejaswi, for the show ‎Anuroopa. The Best Nayaki Award was awarded to Shravani, for the show Avanu Mathe Shravani. The Best Pair-Non-Fiction Award was awarded to Suchitha and Madhusagar, for the show Super Jodi. The Special Award for extraordinary contribution was awarded to Chinni Prakash Master.‬‬‬