Kannada Awards Suvarna Parivaar Awards 2013

Suvarna Parivaar Awards 2013 Kannada tv-shows on SUVARNA TV

Suvarna Parivaar Awards is an annual function which takes place to honor the best of the artists of the Suvarna TV channel. Like other major TV channels, Suvarna organizes its annual award function with fireworks and great celebrations. There are dance performances from the TV stars, and everybody gets a piece of the pie. It was telecasted on 14 September 2016, on Suvarna TV at 6:00 PM.

The show ran for four hours. It has thirty-two categories of awards. Other than the dance performances, the hosts got the audience involved with their jokes. Like every other major award show, Pepsodent was the title sponsor, and hence it was called Pepsodent Suvarna Parivaar Awards. It was also a platform for new and not so popular TV serials to make their mark.

Senior artists along with their family members were also present at the ceremony. Survarna is a TV channel which contains mostly Comedy and Drama serials. Reality shows also have a huge presence in the channel. Amruthavarshini was adjudged to be the favorite serial of the year. It received huge applause as the producer went on stage to collect the award. Along with the TV actors, major film stars were also present at the event.

They were there for the shows they might have done a cameo in or the reality show which has or are going to be hosting. The Amruthavarshini leading pair of Amrutha and Vijay won the Best Pati-Patni Award. There was stiff competition, but the pair prevailed. Amruthavarshini was on a roll at the event as it managed to bag most of the major awards. Amruthavarshini actress, Amrutha, won the favorite actress award. Aakashadeepa actor Aakash won the favourite actor award.

Meenanatha was adjudged to be the favorite comedian for his role in the serial Pancharangi Pom Pom. The pair of Amrutha-Shakunthala Devi from Amruthavarshini won the favorite Atte Sose award. During the middle of the function, the channel head Anup Chandrashekharan was called to the podium to deliver a message. He talked about Suvarna’s values and how the channel is proud of its shows. He also spoke about how the executives are planning to expand the portfolio of shoes to cater to a wider audience.