Hindi Tv Show Yog Vigyan

Yog Vigyan Hindi TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Yog Vigyan is a spiritual and health-based show in Hindi that airs on the channel, DD Bharati. DD Bharati, which is owned and operated by Prasar Bharati, is an entertainment channel under Doordarshan. The channel telecasts news, knowledge, entertainment, art, and talent-based shows. The show, Yog Vigyan has been telecasted on the channel in the year 2015. The show has been in the running ever since. The show is aired at early morning hours from Monday to Sunday. The repeat telecast airs at late hours in the night.

The time slots of the show vary. Yog Vigyan is a health based show, also with a touch of divine knowledge. The show deals with the art and practice of yoga and how that brings positive changes to your lives, both physically and mentally. Yoga was originated in ancient India. It was a major practice during the Vedic age and many decades following that. But slowly, as we stepped into the modern era, it started losing its prominence with the advancement of medical science and technology. It became a lost art. Up until the recent past, yoga was only considered as a form of mental and bodily relaxation.

Its multi-faceted benefits were unknown or very rarely known to people. But its health and medical benefits started popularising mainly in the last decade and a half. Various spiritual masters, scholars and yoga experts have started looking at the various boons of this practice. One such major personality who has worked and talked about the benefits of yoga practice, especially in today’s times, is Acharya Balkrishna. Through many shows and camps across the world, he has reached out to the masses and raised awareness amongst them about the benefits of yoga.

These gatherings and camps have been recorded and brought together in the show, Yog Vigyan. The audience, who cannot be physically present in these gatherings, can get all the insights of these sessions through this show. In this show, the collection of these sessions not only shows Acharya Balkrishna talking about yoga but also demonstrate different techniques in which one can imbibe yoga in their daily lives to have a healthier and happier life. Being a close associate of yoga guru, Baba Ramdev, he also highlights the benefits of Ayurveda.

Where modern medical science fails, Ayurveda has proved that it can cause miracles. Acharya tells people that instead of draining their hard earned money into medical needs post an ailment; they can take the help of yoga practice and not get caught in any ailment in the first place. Yoga is not just a miracle of healing our health, but it is a tried and tested, a much talked about form of science. Acharya says that yoga is no magic, it is a proven method of science and he backs up his arguments with facts. He uses this show to remove all misconceptions about yoga and help more and more people imbibe it in their daily lives.