Hindi Tv Show Yeh Phool Sa Nazook Chehra

Yeh Phool Sa Naazuk Chehra Hindi tv-shows on Zindagi TV



‘Yeh Phool Sa Naazuk Chehra’ was telecast by Zindagi channel on January 11, 2014. It was telecast in Pakistan Channel with a different title ‘ Kahin Chand Na Sharma Jaye’ on HUM TV in 2013. In this series, actress Sanam Saeed had a double role to play. Sanam is popular in India too, but this actress was born in Britain and later relocated to Karachi and started modeling at the age of 16 and entered the glamor very soon.

This serial was a Pakistani comedy telefilm and later Zindagi channel even gave the telefilm another title ‘ Double Trouble’ in order to avoid the title issue problem in Indian telecast. In this telefilm, Sanam Saeed plays two roles exceptionally well. One of her roles is Shamir, and other is Mashal.

In the former role of Shamir, she dresses up in male costume. Shamir is chosen to play the role of model for a fairness cream. Mehreen (played by Nausheen Shah) is the boss of the ad agency who dresses in modern clothes but changes to eastern outfits to woo Shamir. It is a silly but a comical story. Why Shamir dresses like a man? Every episode is funny and keeps viewers response intact.