Hindi Tv Show Yaadon Aur Chahaton Ke Darmiyaan

Yaadon Aur Chahaton Ke Darmiyaan Hindi Tv shows on Sahara one
The beauty of the song rhyme lies in the evolution of its flow, along with playing on the element of reminiscence that the songs bring with them. Yaadon Aur Chahaton Ke Darmiyaan is an exclusive multitalented musical delighting show that provides its viewers an occasion to enjoy traditional melodies and offer a new approach in terms of the bond that one song has with the other. Telecasted on Sahara One, the show will play evergreen Bollywood melodies.

Yaadon Aur Chahaton Ke Darmiyaan will be a pure musical show. There will be no anchors and Bollywood songs will be aired one after another. The show will entertain viewers at 930 am- 1030 am on every Sunday and repeat telecast will be at 1230 pm on the same day. Furthermore, the show also simulcasts on Filmy at 1130 pm- 130 pm on Sundays. Sahara One started this show on the special day 15 August 2012 where India celebrated its 65th year of independence. This show telecast special programs on Independence day, Dandiya special etc., The show is produced by House / Tele Producers. For those love to see and listen to old melodies of Bollywood, this show is an eye feast.