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Wonder Woman is an American Fiction television series in English which aired on ABC and CBS and ran from 1975 to 1979. The show is based on the Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston of DC Comics. The show casts Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince with Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor Sr and Steve Trevor Jr. In 1942, an American pilot Major Steve Trevor during World War 2 bailed out of his plane during the fight over the Paradise Islands in Bermuda Triangle. The island home’s Amazons who are the beautiful, ageless women with superior strength.

Their Princess Diana nurses Trevor get him back to health. The queen of the island organises a competition to select the winner who will take back Trevor to America. Diana is not allowed to participate, so she decides to go to another part of the island. Participants dress in uniform with a mask with a number. A Blonde Amazon shows exceptional skills, but there is a draw for the first position. So, a tie - breaker match is held where participants have to dodge the bullets using their bulletproof bracelets in which the blonde Amazon wins. Blonde Amazon is none other than Diana, but at first, her mother didn’t allow her to go to America, but after sometimes she allows her.

Diana uniform a dress which features all the emblems of the USA. She wears a golden belt, which will be the source of her strength when she is away from the island. In America, she sees off Trevor in the hospital and after that she prevents a bank robbery. Seeing her stunts, a theatrical agent asks her to do a job in his theatre which she accepts as she is in need of money. Trevor secretary, Marcia is a double agent who works for the Nazis. She helps other agents in killing Trevor and opposing Wonder Woman who they seek as a threat for the Reich.

As the spy's activities increased, Trevor gets back to the front where he is captured and thus he asks his nurse Diana to save him. Wonder Woman defeats Marcia and the spy ring and in the end, she disguises as bespectacled Diana Prince, who is selected as the new secretary of the Major Trevor on the basis of her extraordinary performance in the test and also of her simple look as compared to that of Marcia.