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“Women on top” portrays the new Indian Women as more than just a wife, daughter, mother and a working woman. It shows the responsible, compassionate, eager to learn, efficient, capable and competitive women in different walks of life. These are women, unlike those of the past are not easily scared. They can talk openly about health, relationships and other issues that prove “women are on top.” Unfortunately, every Indian woman is not able to speak openly about their issue. They are scared about the judgments passed by society. Hence this show focuses on those women who are not afraid or hesitant to talk about real life problems, health, relationships and their bodies. This show is to encourage those women, who are petrified and keep quiet, to open up and talk about issues that bother them.

“Women on top” has covered a wide range of brave women. From women who have battled and survived breast cancer and chosen not to opt for reconstructive surgery to women who openly use botox. They have showcased womenwho don't shy away from talking about post-natal depression and who frankly demand from their partners what they want sexually. The producers and directors of this show want to reflect for the first time on Indian television, the modern Indian woman in her candidly vocal and uninhibited best.

The anchor of the show is Manvi Dhillon. Manvi Dhillon has been a business journalist for the past 14 years. She is the Managing Editor of NDTV Profit. Manvi has done a wide range of roles from anchoring and production to business development and operational leadership. Because of her keen understanding of India’s business environment, she was the lead anchor at World Economic Forum at Davos and other shows such as The Bottom Line and Unstoppable Indians.

Manvi was also the presenter of the Indian Business Report on BBC World. She also plays a mjor role in other programmes like Profit Fundamentals and Countdown. Manvi also produced a show on NDTV called Uncommon Ground anchored by philanthropist Rohini Nilekani. Along with her very successful career, Manvi is also a wife and mum and has often struggled to find the complete balance. Manvi is the genuine modern woman that is so rarely found. She is one of the few who are the trend setters of tomorrow. “WOMEN ON TOP” is also her quest to search for other brave women unaffected by the judgments passed by society on their way of life.