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Whats On Tv Hindi tv-shows on Zing

What's On TV is an entertainment show which is aired on Zing TV, a subsidiary of the Zee television networks. It airs on Fridays at 8:00 PM, primetime. In India, many people are fans of daily soaps and they cannot wait to know what is going to happen on the next episode of their favourite television serial. What's On TV, shows a glimpse into the future by telecasting the unaired content of a few selected TV shows.

It airs on Fridays because most of the daily soaps are telecasted on the weekends and everyone would have to wait till next week to find out and satisfy their hearts. Reality shows are increasingly becoming popular in the nation. Shows such as Bigg Boss Show Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... , Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and many more, are popular among the youth of the country, whose patience is on a steady decline.

By tuning into Zing, they can find out about the next episode. If somebody is going to get eliminated, they can have a pretty good idea about who it is going to be beforehand. The editors of the show are careful in not giving away any majors spoilers, or else they will get themselves in a legal battle with producers of that particular serial whose spoilers were aired.

If you are a person who is not patient and is eager to know the story then this show is a saviour for you. But if you are a person who likes to enjoy the show all together and has the willpower to watch it the next day and if you hate spoilers, then this show is not for you. The show has gotten many negative reviews from the audience because they aired spoilers which was not meant to be.

It has a runtime of thirty minutes, which gives it enough time to show previews of six or seven serials. Off late, reality shows have started to gain more screen time on the serial. The Kapil Sharma Show, also has gained valuable screen time. It only features Hindi soap operas, and if you are a fan of shows in other languages, then it is not for you.

After watching What's On TV, you can brag about spoilers in front of your friends. One reason why it is popular is because the spoilers haven't yet made its way onto the Internet. Even if it does, there is the reliability issue as most of the blogs cannot be trusted.