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Wah Kavi Ji Hindi tv-shows on Mahuaa



Wah Kavi Ji is a Hindi and Bhojpuri language TV show. Mahuaa TV telecasted Wah Kavi Ji. Bisk Farm Biscuits powered and sponsored the show. Mahuaa Channel telecasted the show Wah Kavi Ji in the year 2013. Wah Kavi Ji is 30 minutes running TV show. Amit Sharma has directed this TV show. Kumar Amit is the script writer for the show. Nikhil Raj and Shradha hosted the TV show. The format of the show was funny and sarcastic. In each episode the poets and poetesses who participated in the show used to crack jokes and recite short poems on various topics. In the first episode of the show, which was the day of its inauguration on TV the Padma Bhushan winner and one of India’s biggest poet Gopaldas Neeraj came to give blessings to the whole team of Wah Kavi Ji including the participants.

The contestants of the show Wah Kavi Ji included Satendar Doordrshi, Mumtaz Nasim, Badhshah Premi, Kamlesh Sharma, Padam Albela, Shambhi Shikhar, Arvind Pathik, Shalini Sargam, Chirag Jain, Nikunj Sharma and many more famous and known poets and poetesses in the industry. In each episode, there were a total of three guests who recited poems, crack jokes, sang songs and spoke a few words according to the theme of the episode. In the next episode also the same three contestants continued the same. After which in next episode new guests came on the show to speak on different topics. The topics of the each episode came from different grounds. The theme of the episodes was; few based on entertainment only, small jokes, social issues, love, youngsters, celebrities, TV shows, history, famous people, generation gap, current issues and many more.

All the poems were full of humor, fun and entertainment. Each episode of the show started with shayaris, riddles and poems and ended with the same. The audience was present to see the poets and poetesses live. The hosts of the show invited each guest with a riddle and, short poem. At the end of each episode, there was always a Bisk Farm Biscuit moment of the day. The show from the beginning till the end was full of fun and, entertainment. The audience loved watching the show. Wah Kavi Ji gained a huge amount of popularity among the Bhojpuri audience. It gave the poet and poetess a platform to connect with their audience as well.