Hindi Tv Show Vir The Robot Boy

Vir The Robot Boy Hindi tv-shows on Hungama

Vir the robot boy is an Indian animated cartoon series which is broadcasted on the very famous kid's channel Hungama TV. The story is about a young boy named Vir who is actually a robot. The only difference between him and all other robots is that Vir has human emotions inside him. He always ends up saving the day when someone is in trouble, be it his friends, his acquaintances or ordinary citizens, he ends up saving all those people who are in need of help. Vir, with the help of his friends, goes out on the mission to save all the distressed people.

His friends are an eight-year-old girl called Imli, Chulbul, pet donkey, and Gintu who is his magical Jinn. With the support and help of his friends, he always saves people from troubles. The show is divided into three seasons with eighty episodes in total. IThe Hungama channel has a huge array of successful shows under its name like Shin Chan, Doraemon, KochiKamen etc. Vir the robot boy is one such popular show. It is accepted well by the audiences who enjoy the story and concept of the show. Vir the robot boy is created by the famous director Ketan Mehta who is a well-known director.

It has a good viewership. The characters of Vir, Imli, Chulbul and Gintu became very popular due to their well-written personalities. Vir with his heroic personality is quite loved and adored by the people who watch the show. Some of the episodes are, Vir Ban Gaya Villain, unbeatable Vir, MahayodhaVir etc. The episodes are a perfect combination of heroic actions and human emotions. The first episode was aired on November 9, 2013. Vir possesses a lot of amazing gadgets with which he destroys his enemies. The episodes are available online for future viewing specially for people who might have missed an episode and desperately want to watch it.