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Vanity No Apologies! is a show which brings to you all you wanted to know details about all the Venuses and the Adonises of the Indian Fashion Industry. It is a half an hour show on NDTV Goodtimes.The host of the show is Ambika Anand Ambika Anand is a TV anchor who produces and creat >> Read More... Ambika Anand , a well-known TV anchor and the editor in chief of Fashion at NDTV Good Times channel since 2002. Vanity No Apologies! is a show which dwells into the lives of big stars of Bollywood, supermodels and other different personalities like Manish Arora Manish Arora is an Indian TV serial actor who came >> Read More... Manish Arora , Amrita Rao Amrita Rao was born on June 7, 1981 in Mumbai, Mah >> Read More... Amrita Rao and so on.

This show will give you an up-close introduction to the good-looking men and women of Indian glamour world. In one of the episodes, Imran Khan Imran Khan is an Indian film actor, who is famous >> Read More... Imran Khan , the upcoming newest Khan on the block has done his debut romance film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, the brand new poster boy of Indian cinema gave a lowdown on his personal style, his eternal love for the movies.Vanity No Apologies will show you how these stars live their daily routine life along with all their experiences.They also share some invaluable tips on how to get success.

From their inner circle of designer friends, make-up artists and fellow models from the world of the fashion industry to all the gossips, habits they have and revelation of ‘model’ life and secrets in this fantastic show. In Imran Khan’s episode, other than his love for movies, he has also discussed his hidden skills of reading and bartending. So basically, it will show you how different these stars are in real life than from their ‘reel life’, and their distinctly different passions in personal time.

From how they start a day, with whom does they spend time with, their leisure time, love for fashion, hidden talents to amaze you, the job that drives them crazy, their best moments in this industry, these Venuses and the Adonises tell it all. Ambika Anand is known for her previously anchored series of many hit programs like Hot Property, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Boss’s Day Out, I’m Too Sexy For My Shoes and many other shows. 10 Things To Do Before You Say Bye, The Inside Story.

In 2011, Ambika hosted show “ Band Baajaa Bride Bharat Arora started his career in Delhi mainly as >> Read More... Band Baajaa Bride ” won the Best Lifestyle Show at Indian Telly Awards. She won Cosmopolitan India Fun Fearless Female TV Personality Award along with Outstanding Broadcast Feature Award for a show “10 Things to do before you say Bye! - London” that Ambika was a part of, at Visit Britain Media Awards in 2011. She was among the HT City Delhi’s Most Stylish 2013. She also anchored the live business news on the NDTV channel.