Hindi Tv Show Tyohaar Dhamaaka

Tyohaar Dhamaka  Hindi TV SHOWS on Channel 9x

Tyohaar Dhamaka is the Dance reality show that has been set to hit the television screens by way of the 9X television networks channel. Unlike the other shows, this has been designed in the outfit of the wars. The executive producer of the program gave a press announcement that the episodes would feature a battle of the different zones in the country. The zonal teams were named as the North Zone, The East Zone, The West Zone, and The Central Zone. This would be the second zonal war productions by the SOL Production team.

The format of the show was exposed by the Creative Team as follows. Each division would be competing against the other three zones in a group event. Each zone consists of three well-known big faces in the television history. The program would run for twelve weeks in a row. The duration has been decided as 30 minutes per episode including the commercial breaks from the title sponsors and associate sponsors. Valuation of the team would be based on the group performance and under no circumstances individual evaluation could be done.

The first four weeks would include celebrations as well as the preliminary rounds of the competition. There would not be any elimination in this first part. The second part would run for another four weeks. In this section, every week would see the deletion if a particular zone were the weakest performer for the week. Sudha Chandran, the Bharatanatyam Champion has been decided to anchor the entire episodes. The Judges panel would be a single member judge unlike the other shows were there would be a flurry of experts commenting on the performance of the participants.

The producer of the troop had roped in the veteran dancer Asha Parekh. The details of the candidates representing each division was revealed later and are as follows. North Zone would be dominated by Gaurav Chopra, Gaurav Khanna, and Nandini Singh. The East Zone would see the faces of Naman Shaw, Mouni Roy, and Shayantani Ghosh. West Division would have Jay Bhanushali, Shubangi Atre, and Pallavi Subhash. And last but not the least, the Central Zone would work on Twinkle Bajpai, Narayani Shastri, and Yash Pandit in it.

So get set go for the new form of the zonal battle and let us hope for the best team to be crowned as the champion in the final day of the contest.