Hindi Tv Show TV Ke Uss Paar

TV Ke Uss Paar Hindi TV SHOWS on Zindagi TV

TV Ke Uss Paar” is a thrilling sitcom (situation comedy) starring Madhu ( Amita Khopkar) and Vivek (Aakash Ahuja) in lead roles. It is aired on Zindagi television and runs for 30 minutes. It shows the journey of Madhu and her son Vivek who stay in Mumbai.

Madhu Gangadhar Sharma is an innocent, chubby and simple woman who is obsessed with daily soaps to an extent where she is emotionally attached to all the characters on television and interacts with those characters in her way. The reason for her mannerisms is her loneliness which comes as a shock after her husband’s death. She single-handedly raises her kids ( Suman Singh aka Shivanjali and Vivek aka Aakash Ahuja) and gives them a good upbringing.

Her daughter is married off who becomes busy in her own life. Life takes a turn when her son also moves to Banglore as a part of his job. Even after all this, she doesn’t lose hope, and she believes that life has much more to it. She is an optimistic person who has a noble heart. She has the enthusiasm equivalent to that of a child. To battle loneliness, she sticks to daily soaps, which she finds fascinating and interesting. She gets too involved in the “saas-bahu” drama and begins idolizing the characters.

The gap between real and television life is bridged when she gets an entry into the television world. She starts wishing that her son marries a television personality. Vivek is a polite, soft-spoken gentleman who is handsome. He doesn’t get carried away due to the attention he gets. He loves his mother to the core. He is a hard-working guy who wishes to make a mark in the world. He gets transferred back to Mumbai where he realizes that his mother has entirely changed. He sees her obsession with the daily soaps. He is worried and concerned because of Madhu’s claims of having entered the television world

. Following the footsteps of his mother, he too thinks that there might indeed be a television world, behind the television screen. Confusion and irony strike, Vivek is in a dilemma to understand what is unreal and what is real. Now enters Ananya (Narita Vaid) in the television world as the girl-next-door.

Madhu is the happiest person as she thinks her dreams have come true and she has found the right match for her son. Vivek instantly develops a liking towards Ananya who in turn helps Vivek get out of the television world. Soon Madhu and Vivek realize that Ananya is an Ichchaadhaari Naagin. Their lives take a twist which is full of chaos, drama, comedy and emotions.