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Given the ever increasing cost of your movie tickets, for many movie-goers it is not a feasible idea anymore, to watch each and every movie that releases. So to put you out of your misery on deciding which one to watch, here is a show which evaluates every new Bollywood and Hollywood release on various parameters just for you. So that it can help you to decide on which movie to spend your valuable time and money on!. ‘The Zoom Review show', is one of the most popular review shows of the Indian television. They review most of tinsel town's latest releases along with most awaited international releases. This show is telecast on Zoom channel hosted by esteemed journalist and well-known Bollywood expert Omar Qureshi, who is also Zoom's Editor-in-Chief.

Launched in 2009, this show has now completed more than 200 episodes, making it not only the most viewed but also the longest running movie review show ever on Indian TV, Which is not an easy feat to conquer! This show reviews your movies mainly on the principle that a movie-goer should gain their money worth of entertainment. Rather than just providing a superficial disclosure of a movie, ‘The Zoom Review Show' sets things into perspective by breaking down different elements of the movie and afterward, critique and analysis each and every element for you! In this show, the host will first provide you with a synopsis of the movie plot without any spoilers. Then the show will critic various important elements of the movie such as cast performances, direction, and music. After carefully considering those factors, keeping in mind the best interest of audience a verdict is provided.

This verdict rate the movie on a scale of 1-5. Where 1 signify that it is a poor movie while, 5 score is an outstanding movie. 2 score is an average film, while 3 is watchable. 4 is for very good movies. After this verdict, in the next episode, it features a segment called public review in which the show includes the rating submitted by the general viewer for the same movie even though if it totally opposite from Omar's verdict. Unlike many other shows, rather than just looking at Bollywood and big Hollywood releases of the week, it also acknowledges the new and upcoming musical track in the upcoming Bollywood flick every week. Hence, no wonder that this show is consistently the most watched and longest running review show on TV. So if you are a Bollywood enthusiast, this show is the first and only complete review show for you on TV.