Hindi Tv Show The Rolling Stone Show



The Rolling Stone Show has the anchor, Luke Kenny indulging the viewers in the lives of rock stars all over the country. Any music fan who's looking for untainted, pure music; coming straight from the hearts of musicians, this is the show to watch. It will be aired on the 19th of July, at 9:30 PM on NDTV. It is a complete package of the maximum musical knowledge one can obtain, because every tit-bit of the behind-the-scenes activity of musicians will be narrated by Luke Kenny. The raw passion and the unedited versions of music is what appeals to the viewers who aspire to be musicians someday. Although international music stuff is included here, the highlighted genre is Indian rock music, which is underrated by everyone.

With this show, one can be exposed to this aspect of music and it's culture. Luke Kenny, is also a columnist and the editor for Rolling Stone India. He created this show taking inspiration from the magazine of Rolling Stone, which was introduced in India in February, 2008. But Luke is already a well-known celebrity in India for the past twenty years, as one of the finest Video Jockeys. With this show, he hopes to appeal to the young generation of music lovers about Indian rock. The Rolling Stone Show will have twelve episodes, each being aired weekly at 9:30 pm on NDTV Good Times. Each episode will focus on a single band and divulge in every detail from the get-go right to the day of the concert or release of their song.